About Me:

Luz E. Steege
Licensed Tax Consultant
& Enrolled Agent


About Luz:

Luz immigrated from Colombia to the United States, settling in Oregon in 2005. Previously, she studied economics in Colombia and after a few short years of working in a tax office in Oregon, she obtained her Licensed Tax Consultant’s permit (LTC) in Oregon and became an Enrolled Agent (EA) with the Internal Revenue Service. The EA designation allows her to represent clients with tax problems before the IRS and any of the 50 states.

Be sure to catch her occasional interviews on Cita Con Nelly on Saturday at 11:00 on Kunp and Univision.

Comcast: Chanel 17-20

Direct TV: Chanel 47

Antena: Chanel 47.1

Dish: Chanels 16 and  8678

Luz enjoys traveling with her husband (also a tax professional) and volunteers her time and expertise to several charities and her church.